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As part of Metro Atlanta Chamber's Your Talent, Your Future initiative, an annual report will be reviewed to identify high-demand jobs in the Atlanta markets to recruit schools that specialize in those respective studies. The ATL Tour: College Edition will continue to welcome college and university groups to Atlanta. 

Atlanta is like the New York City of the South,’ but I don’t think that’s true. New York is too busy for its own good. Atlanta is more laidback, but just as professional. There’s a sense of fun here, but there’s also a strong sense of culture.

Aaron Kassman

Syracuse University 

Bachelor of Arts- BA, History '20

Honestly, I thought seeing Atlanta was the most valuable aspect of the trip, more so than the site visits. If someone had told me that Atlanta is a booming city, especially for business in the tech and film sectors before the trip, I wouldn't have believed them. But having seen the professional environment in Atlanta myself, I definitely have a new perspective on Atlanta and am now open to relocating to Atlanta after college.


Christina Cho

University of Chicago 

Economics & Computer Science ‘21

I would certainly consider relocating to Atlanta after college. I think it has similar opportunities that I could find in Chicago and New York but with many advantages that other cities don't have. Atlanta feels fresher -- like it can be more easily and responsibly shaped by the new work that will travel there.


Carla Abreu

University of Chicago 

Economics & French '21